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    • To Add a Property That is Not in the Database. Locate the property at the ‘county web site’ and enter the parcel number here.

Terms & Condition



PlugREInc offers a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all subscriptions. If you are not happy with your account, you can cancel at anytime. A cancellation button is located within your account profile page. After the 30 day period, payment for services is non-refundable.


PlugREInc provides a transactional service between the agent and the photographers. We guarantee delivery of the images as specified in the package and give agents 24 hours to review the photography before a payment is released to the Photographer. - After the photos have been delivered, the payment is non-refundable. - If PlugRe.com is unable to locate a photographer to perform the services, you will receive a full refund. - Agents may cancel photography orders with 24 hours notice and receive a full refund.


Orders are processed within 24 hours and sent to the photographers for fulfillment. Once your images have been captured, they will be uploaded and made available online for download from your account.


PlugRE.com uses a data licensing system to determine when to display pictures and information that is submitted by local MLSs through the RETS feed. We also collect data and information from counties and other sources. This information is public or has been licensed for use by PlugRE.com. Some of this information includes property ownership details, purchase prices, sale prices, and other detailed information as provided by local MLS organizations. This information is used in accordance with its licensing. PlugRe.com takes agent privacy very seriously and works to protect the data of all agents using the plugRe.com system. The private agent information and communication stored in PlugRe.com accounts is considered to be confidential and will not be shared in any way shape or form.


PlugRE.com is a technology service provider that provides a way for agents and consumers to communicate with regards to real estate transactions. Our data and information is licensed for use on PlugRe.com for viewing by consumers. We do not authorize any duplication or data scraping of any of the content on our web site. Illegal use of our data and/or images will be considered as a violation of our terms of use and we will use whatever remedy possibly to protect the interests of PlugRe.com Data Accuracy - While data from PlugRe.com is deemed to be reliable, visitors of the web site should confirm any information before using it to make financial decisions. PlugRe.com is not responsible for decisions made based on the information found on this web site.